Meet The DJs


It started around 2005.  Curiosity on how to build a radio station like many of the online stations popping up at that time. The first run was Home Alone Radio streaming on live 365 and DJ Freaky PEACH was born. Over time and with the help of her geeky friends, she learned to use SHOUTcast running a server off her home computer and training others who would become her DJs how to set up their “home SHOUTcast servers”. Soon, ACN (All Chat Network) Radio came calling for her to DJ for them. This is where she met DJ Mr-Tom. Together, they formed Cooternets Radio in 2007. The need to venture out on her own again struck and on May 13th, 2008, The Chat Café was born. Now, after a short hiatus. The Chat Café and Chat Café Radio are back along with Most of the DJs you’ve come to love are back as well.

DJ Freaky PEACH likes and plays all genres of music but specializes in Hip Hop, R&B, and Smooth Jazz Music. Her library is mainly from before the year 2000, but she will add music to her collection if she likes something from the 2000s. She likes to add fun to music and cares little about rules and schedules. She likes to bring an experience to the listener. No egos here just sharing the love of music. Welcome to the madness! you can find peaches on Facebook on the @chatcaferadio and Twitter @chatcaferadio or on her discord server Chat Café Radio You can email her (Instagram and TikTok coming soon)

DJ Neo

In the beginning, back in 1955, man didn’t know, about internet radio, and going live… For DJ-Neo it all started on shoutcast with OrgeAmp and Refugeez Radio and a little later with TechStation sharing all trade secrets with fellow hackers, crackers and Pirates before He was invited to the ACN chat server where He joined Aussie Angel Pit Radio and learnt how to use SAM then later ACN where on the opening weekend He DJed 36 hours straight before dropping the mic. Then He spent a brief moment on Cooternets then onto The Chat Cafe Radio where the skills were refined and like Home I keep coming back to. After that DJ-Neo entertained the perverted on Mystique Radio until the owner passed then onto Bondage Radio which Google Calendar still sends reminders for His scheduled shows ten years later. The last DJ gig was a full circle doing Pirate Radio for CyberPhoenix until now coming Home again to The Chat Cafe with all the excitement and desire of the first time around….


DJ Amirah

The One & Only Glamazon of radio! Chat Cafe’s own 6ft Amazon has been doing radio on and off for more than 15 years with various stations. She brings her own unique style of wit and sarcasm along with an eclectic mix of music. Amirah plays anything from the Glen Miller Orchestra to Shinedown to 1 Direction. She spends her free time kicking hornets nests, stirring the pot and doing counted cross stitch. Whether you are in need of a laugh or just want to unwind with the queen of snarkiness, tune in and let the good times roll! Amirah can be found on TikTok as where she is often live while broadcasting to interact with listeners. You can email Amirah directly at

DJ Steppenwolf

DJ Steppenwolf began to DJ in 2007 when he started as a recommendation from another DJ at Cooternets Radio. Since then, he has become a main staple at Chat Cafe Radio. He likes to add a bit of humor into his shows with comedy skits from back in the day. His style of music is that of classic & soft rock with music from the 60, 70s, and 80s. His shows bring a relaxed laid-back vibe that makes you want to get settled in to enjoy the show. DJ Steppenwolf can be found on our discord server Chat Café Radio

DJ Porkchop

Meet DjPorkchop! He has been riding the waves and spinning tunes on them for a number of years now. His mic isn’t the noisiest but when he talks, we can’t seem to shut him up! When not on the air he can be found spending time with his family having cookouts and enjoying time with his wife out and about enjoying the wonderful world of photography. DjPorkchop is notorious for his variety of music tastes. On any given day (mood-driven) you may get a mix, a specific genre from big band to the country to metal and everything in between. ….. Yeah, I know, PLEASE someone gets this man a Prozac! He has something to keep us all satisfied!
DjPorkchop can also be found on YouTube at DjPorkchop73 and at his website